A cultural icon is an artifact that is recognised by members of a culture or sub-culture as representing some aspect of cultural identity. Cultural icons vary widely, and may be visual, audio, an object, a person or group of people, etc.
The values, norms and ideals represented by a cultural icon vary both among people who subscribe to it, and more widely among other people who may interpret cultural icons as symbolising quite different values.
Each piece is meticulously handcrafted to reproduce facial expressions in its smallest details.
For example here, Iconic Arnold, conceptualized the perfect epitome of art and functional seating harmony to embody the spirit and philosophy of a machine-made man.
If you feel your deserve to get your one Iconic stool, HAROW Studio can conceptualize your own piece.



42 cm x 50 cm x 45 cm.
11 kg.
Structure of reinforced fiberglass / Steel internal frame.
Gold / Chrome / Black / White / Gloss finish.
Unique piece on demand.

Entirely handmade and handcrafted in Paris, France.

ICONIC Stool, Artistic Furniture.

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