KHEOPS Console

*VANDAL Edition*
The Kheops Table is one of those technical challenges which makes HAROW’s DNA and perfectly characterizes the way the designer works. Made out of Dulac Negro Marble, extracted from a query at the border between France and Spain, the Kheops table represents by itself the studio’s perpetual search of perfection and technical success. A very careful and difficult work is done to highlight the beauty of this marble – and of the overall piece at the end.
Each panel of marble is meticulously assembled to the other one to ensure a continuity of the veins between all the faces. Finally all of these white crystal veins end up in a sized-in-the-mass bronze pyramid, symbol of reunion, integrity, and a wish of fraternity. In the artistic process, the trapezoidal brass legs mark the final part of the realization, with the idea to support the weight (physically and figuratively) and to spread this humanistic message.
Made out of our own alloy, the feet are just by their own a challenge of robustness to support the pressure exerted by the marble.


KHEOPS Console

130 cm x 30 cm x 80 cm.
105 kg.

Concrete / Spray paint.
Cupro-Aluminium alloy.
Unique Edition.

Entirely handmade and handcrafted in Paris, France.

KHEOPS Console & Table, Artistic Furniture.

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